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Space Planning

Space Planning is at the core of how AOK-Inc can help you work through you current Interior Design Issues. We do not want to necessarily Change what you do but Enhance your outcome. It is by trying to understand your current issues that we may become your problem solvers. Our design team strives to complete your designs in a timely fashion, so your process can move forward quickly. Our CAD design and other design Techniques make it easy to understand how a new concept on paper can enhance the flow in your production. We bring our design team to you, saving you time by having On Site designers at your location with Laptop in hand. We want to save you Time, Space, and Money. We have a minimum of 16 years Computer Design Experience.

Office Reconfiguration

Are you Expanding into additional space or reconfiguring your existing floor plan attempting to use space more efficiently? Call AOK today that's what we do, we remove the stress of these burdens, so you can concentrate more efficiently on your business. We will walk you through the relocation and design process with full understanding of what it will involve. AOK will help show you what will work best in your newly designed or reconfigured area. AOK will provide a Total assessment of your office, and recommend the ideal design layout for your newly enhanced office environment.


File Moves and Relocations

Has anyone ever considered on a daily basis how much money is spent on finding a MIS FILE? Whether it is in a File Room or on a Computer when someone is looking for a file TIME is MONEY. In the filing industry the terminology is Filing Inches, not how many files you have. The average Medical file is.333, therefore you have 3 files per inch on the average. In a very small Medical File room you might have SAY 10,000 FILING INCHES which would be 30,000 Files.
Now it would take TIME to load and box all those files, either for your people and or a moving company. Now multiply that figure times 10 if those files are out of place and have to be completely resorted because the files we either boxed, moved, or reinstalled incorrectly.
Save TIME and MONEY the first time around call AOK, we specialize in File Moves, Reconfigurations, and relocations. That's what we do.

You know why they call us AOK Don't you??????
That's the way you are going to feel when we are done

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